Top Trade Jobs For Women This Year


The days are past where we see more men dominate the trade jobs and the women seconded. The world is changing both men and women in Trade Jobs. Women usually considered as the weaker of humans, now dominate the majority of the trading jobs in Canada and the world at large.

There are lots of Trade jobs for women with special skills who prefer hands-on, challenging, and vocational jobs. In this present day, you will find that the majority of women are Electricians and power line workers, construction workers, plumbers and pipefitters, welders, mechanics, painters, etc.


You may have realized or you are yet to realize that your University degree does not ensure you a high-paying job. Many of these Skilled Trade Jobs bring very high profit and it up for grasp for male or female if you have the right skills.

You do not necessarily need a University degree to learn a skill or start a Skilled Trade Job, but if you have one, it’s an added advantage.

Top Trade Jobs For{ Women This Year}


What Is A Skilled Trade Job?

A Trade Job or Skilled Trade Job is a handwork or skill job. This means that you are required to have practical skills or special skills, knowledge and in most cases technical know-how to take up these occupations. To acquire this knowledge, skills, and initiative, you will pass through technical schools or special training from a professional.

Sectors or Type of Skilled Trade

  1. Construction Sector
  2. Industrial Sector
  3. Motive Power Sector
  4. Service Sector

So as a woman, you may ask yourself; which sector is good for me? Well, it all depends on your passion and what you love to do. If you find your passion, skilled trade job can be a great experience for you, plus you earn enough money while doing what you love.

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So which trade job pays very high and which ones do women dominate most in the labour force?

High Paying and Predominant Top Trade Jobs For Women

  • The licensed practical nurse (Average Annual Salary: $51,055)
  • HVAC Technician (Average Annual Salary: $54,589)
  • Home inspector (Average Annual Salary: $71,055)
  • Respiratory Therapist (Average Annual Salary: $62,556)
  • Dental Hygienist (Average Annual Salary: $65,325)
  • Registered Nurse (Average Annual Salary: $61,055)
  • Welder (Average Annual Salary: $39,975)
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer ($58,169)
  • Multimedia Designer (Average Annual Salary: $49,715)
  • Head Chef (Average Annual Salary: $41,925)
  • Game Designer (Average Annual Salary: $75,000)
  • Carpenter (Average Annual Salary: $52,474)
  • Wind Turbine Service Technician (Average Annual Salary: $70,000)
  • Plumber (Average Annual Salary: $63,323)
  • Automotive Service Technician (Average Annual Salary: $48,863)
  • Construction Manager (Average Annual Salary: $88,589)
  • Makeup Artist (Average Annual Salary: $34,396)
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