Moving From Dubai to Canada? Here Are the Steps Involved


There is no denying that Dubai is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, but why are there so many people trying to move to Canada from Dubai? Canada has been attracting so many immigrants over the years that even more, can admit into the country.

The country is known to have diverse cultures considering the number of immigrants there, you may likely find your countryman there.

Canada provides so many opportunities for immigrants and citizens, it is also one of the most beautiful, peaceful, and welcoming nations in the world. They create millions of job opportunities for immigrants who wish to work and remain in Canada, and if you meet the requirements, you can easily become a permanent resident and live here forever or maybe until you decide otherwise.


However, this goes to show how open the country is to accept immigrants, and they are even considered as one of the fastest countries in the world to receive a PR.

Moving From Dubai to Canada? Here Are the Steps Involved



Immigration Programs To Help You Move To Canada From Dubai

Canada has so many immigration options for immigrants and when it comes to moving from Dubai, you will most certainly find fast track visa to come to Canada. Depending on what you want to do in Canada, you can always find the best immigration program that suits your need.

If you want to move to Canada to work and stay, then you will need a job offer to stand a better chance of being nominated. You will also need to apply for a work visa to enable you to work in Canada. Below are some of the immigration programs that have been created to specifically bring skilled immigrants to Canada.

  • Quebec Skilled Workers Program
  • Family sponsorship
  • Business and Investor Migration
  • Skilled Workers Category under Canada Express Entry Program
  Canada’s Plan For Immigrants In The Next 2 Years

If you are looking to become a student and study in Canada, or you are just visiting you will need a Student visa or a visitor visa respectively to help you achieve that. So, whatever your purpose is, you will most definitely find a visa program to immigrate with.

Steps to Move from Dubai to Canada

  • Applying through the Express Entry Program
  • Visit IRCC’s official website and create an express entry profile.
  • Ensure you meet the necessary requirements in order to receive scores to help you rank in the express entry pool. Don’t forget to indicate which province you would like to move to.
  • Provide the documents that you need such as language test results, police reports, medical exam results, and so on.
  • Get a score for each requirement you meet.
  • If your comprehensive ranking score is high, you will receive an invitation to apply from your selected province
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