New Braunfels Car Accident Lawyer

Davidek Law Firm PLLC

Davidek Law Firm PLLC is a group of car accident attorneys in New Braunfels that represent the dividends of executors, households, and beneficiaries in every aspect of probating the will of a family and securing their ultimate desires addressed. And addressed car accidents cases. The attorneys have several years of legal experience in assisting patients who go through the car accident process. They file and prepare every legal paper, ensure timescales for acquainting interested parties are fulfilled, and fix minor conflicts.


Gilson Law Firm, PLLC

Gilson LawGroup, PLLC, is a group of legal experts that provide several car accident cases and assist clients with the filing process. The law group also helps clients battling with real estate issues such as buying and selling homes or selling their properties to other individuals. The law group helps the residents of New Braunfels and the encircling districts. Cimarron Gilson is said to be a Catholic lawyer who encompasses Judeo-Christian beliefs in practicing law. He organizes seminars to teach local institutes, congregations, and small organizations about the significance of estate planning and personal injury cases.


Hailey-Petty Law Firm

The Hailey-Petty Law Firm, PLLC, deals with the legal needs of people, households, and corporations in New Braunfels. The organization guides clients battling with car accident cases in Texas. 

The attorneys also organize estate plans that comprise wills, trust, living wills, trusts, and the monetary and medical strengths of lawyers. Before Pamela Hailey-Petty became a lawyer, she had worked with the Governor of Texas, where she handled a $300-million litigation 


Hazel Brown Law Firm PLLC

Hazel Brown Law Firm PLLC isn’t a big law group but has a large number of skilled car accident lawyers in New Braunfels who have been in the field for several years. The attorneys represent clients suffering from a car collision, and deal with the neglected parties in every aspect of the accident process. The lawyers offer compassionate assistance and extensive legal advice to patients. This encompasses supervising executors, answering questions from beneficiaries that don’t encompass valid terminology, and assuring the decedent’s full compensation is received, valued, and distributed to its inheritor.


James P. Peterson Attorney at Law

James P. Peterson is a multi-practice attorney who serves the residents of New Braunfels. Peterson deals with vehicle accident and estate planning issues, educating fiduciaries and beneficiaries through the complicated car accident process. The team counsels patients on estate administration which may encompass estate policy evaluation, estate tax payments, and wills contest, they notify the beneficiaries and the estate property distribution. Peterson has been In the law group since 1985. He handles an efficient and sympathetic approach to pursuing a positive solution to household problems.



Kreig is an Amazing law group that serves the residents of New Braunfels and enclosing districts. The organization  helps patients with legal provisions for car accident litigation., Kristina Muñoz is the leading attorney, she works closely with patients on every aspect of the car accident litigation process, from evaluating the pains and sufferings the client is passing through. She also takes the time to educate patients about their situations and composes a legitimate plan that suits them. Muñoz was admitted to the bar over a year ago.


The Law Office Of Roy Neal Linnartz PLLC

The Law Office Of Roy Neal Linnartz PLLC is a small organization in New Braunfels that deals with car accidents. The law group represents households whose loved ones died due to the negligence of other motorists. The law group works with the patient before heading over to court, advising them on issues of law, and assuring other areas of the car accident process are finalized within timescales. These comprise notifying enthusiastic parties, like the creditors, and receiving the patient’s settlement.

The Law Office of Frank B

Frank B. Suhr serves the residents in the metro area of New Braunfels. The law group offers lawful representation in several practice districts, including criminal defense, DWI, probate, expunctions, and public cases. The organization also delivers estate planning Services, such as the nomination of guardian documents, trivial trusts, testaments, and statutory reliable strength of attorney forms. Furthermore, the Law Group of Frank B. Suhr  enlarges its assistance to 

Karen’s, Hays and Guadalupe’s.


The Law Office of Gina Motz

Gina Motz law group helps people in rectifying car accident cases in the New Braunfels metro. The firm helps the client in drafting different documents and navigating the lawful system. The organization fights for the rights of patients to acquire satisfactory litigation results. They also deal with other litigations, such as theft, drug possession, weapon charges, spousal maintenance., and divorce. The law group has staff that speak Spanish and English fluently. Gina Motz, is the leading attorney and the founder of the group. He has been in the field for 2 decades. 


The Law Office of Kimbell. Brown

Kimbel L. Brown advocates for the rights of people and households in New Braunfels. The law group legal practice includes car accident cases, family law, real estate papers, wills, and criminal law. The Clients will be tutored in the processes and conscripting relevant manuscripts, such as trusts, directives, and strong attorneys. Brown has been insuring the rights of his patients since 1981. He is also among the Texas Bar College, a group of legal scholars.


Law Office of Mathis and Flanders

Mathis and Flanders are a group of attorneys that assists patients with car accident cases and probate needs in  New Braunfels. The law group guides people through the process, such as documenting the car accident papers and probate applications with the court, giving adequate attention to the groups, and getting the settlements they deserve. The law group also deals with issues that pertain to citizenship, immigration, and estate planning. Gary Mathis, one of the law group lawyers, has 4 years of experience in car accident cases, probate, real estate, and distinct forms of transactional law?


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