Accident Lawyer in San Benito Tx

Lee Perez Group 

Kenny Perez is the leading attorney of the law group. His passion made him study law at South Texas College of Law Houston. According to further research about Kenny, he previously worked with the harris County District Attorney’s Office. He has a lot of experience at the DA’s office, which made him attain the Best Oralist award in the trial advocacy program as well as the V&E Public Sector Scholarship. He delivers his service with ethics and his technical background to help injured patients in personal injury litigations. He enjoys spending time with his loved ones During vacation 


Javier Villarreal law group  

Javier Villarreal is said to be a great powerhouse in the courtroom. The law group never backs down from a battle against insurance organizations. Attorney Javier Villarreal has recovered millions of clams in destructions for patients who sustained a personal injury, car catastrophes, dog bites, slip, trip, and fall occurrences, and semi-trucking catastrophes. Javier started his legal career 19 years ago and got a degree at Tulane University School of Law. The aspect that made him above other personal injury lawyers is his obligation to people. While his clients are bringing their lives back together after a casualty, he is vigorously fighting for their rights.


Miguel A. Salazar

Miguel Salazar is a great attorney that is known for helping people with personal injury cases. He’s an enormous attorney in his field. Miguel Salazar supports patients who suffered from personal injury cases, car catastrophes, and truck accidents. He is a graduate of South Texas College of Law, he Is among the attorneys that will stand with their clients in every direction to obtain the reimbursement they deserve. 

Miguel Salazar expresses an ultimate resilience against insurance organizations. Every Past and recent patient honors Attorney Miguel Salazar for his productive and proficient work and his dedication to regaining the best reimbursement for their sufferings.


Fernando Javier Lopez

If you got injured in an accident, or your medical expenses are unmanageable and you are battling with severe pain and suffering? you don’t need to worry, the Fernando Lopez law group is ready to help you with your injury case. Fernando Lopez has regained millions of clams in destruction for people who have suffered from vehicle Wrecks, slip and fall occurrences, bus catastrophes, wrongful death, personal injury cases, and dog bites. Fernando Lopez obtained  his degree from Texas Tech University’s School of Law. When you consult with Fernando Lopez, be rest assured that your injury care will be dealt with by a lawyer who is focused, resilient, and dedicated. You can depend on Fernando Lopez to work you through in the right direction today.

One thing you need to know about the law group is that either you win or you don’t pay a dime. Their Staff works on a contingency payment factor, meaning that you don’t have to pay till the case Is won or secure a settlement.


Raul Arnoldo Guajardo

The great attorney applies a fierce determination to every case he deals with and works to make sure his clients acquire the best reimbursement. The cases handled by Raul Guajardo comprise bicycle casualties, car wrecks, pedestrian catastrophes, slip and fall occurrences, truck catastrophes, and wrongful death. He has been in the field for 17 years.  He is a graduate of the Thurgood Marshall School of Law and Texas Southern University. Raul has dedicated his whole career to assisting personal injury patients. He makes sure he stands there for reasonable interests, in every process. You can reach out to his law group through his online contact form or you call his telephone line on his website,


Ramon Garcia

Ramon Garcia’s law group is said to be the determined and persistent law group that deals with personal injury cases. His mastery is vital in the sectors of vehicle collisions, truck catastrophes, product liability, premises liability, work-related destructions, and wrongful death. He is also a member of the American Bar Association and a member of the American Association for Justice. Ramon Garcia has exemplified his remarkable service as he has regained more than $500 million for his patients. When you hire Ramon Garcia, be rest assured that your injury case will be dealt with by a lawyer who is resilient, compassionate, and focused. The consequence of an accident or wound is aggravating and life-changing.  Nevertheless,  Ramon Garcia is dedicated to delivering decent supervision and scrutiny to all the cases he deals with.


Jose Albino Ramirez

Attorney Jose Ramirez is one of the leading attorneys that delivers 24/7 assistance to clients that got injured in premises liability, truck catastrophes, wrongful death, personal injury, vehicle casualties, and motorcycle catastrophes. Immediately after receiving his JD from Texas Tech University’s School of Law, Jose Ramirez began his law firm, where he helps injured groups. His communication with clients enables them to recognize the circumstances of their litigation while giving them the right and time to regain from suffering. Jose Ramirez is the go-to lawyer for any personal injury issue.

The law group process is contingency-based, in order words, his organization takes an adequate percentage of the reimbursement they receive and you pay them when they won the case.


Chris Brasure

Chris Brasure applies ruthless decisions to every case he deals with and ensures his clients procure the best reimbursement. Attorney Chris Brasure delivers 24/7 service to people who have withstood car casualties, building site sufferings or death, personal injury cases, slip, trip, and fall occurrences, truck casualties, and work-related devastations. He has a degree from Baylor Law School and is also a graduate of Baylor University. He has been in the injury law field since 2002. You can depend on him. He is one of the attorneys that returns a client’s call immediately and keeps them informed about the improvement of their litigation. Chris Brasure will be on the client side and he is capable of regaining the destruction you need.

All personal injury cases are dealt with on a contingency payment factor, so you won’t be paying no attorneys’ payments until the Law Firm regains the compensation for you.


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